Shipping  Artwork

Artwork purchased from our members has been shipped around New Zealand and to several overseas destinations.

Generally the advertised purchase cost of any artwork does not include any payment for packaging, shipping or insurance.  If an item needs to be shipped and you want some help,  please contact the artist for an estimate of what this might cost.

There are many freighting companies who will ship artwork.  We have found that it is wise to get a quote from more than one company before deciding who to ship with.  We have seen differences of hundreds of dollars in estimates to ship a certain item.

Two commonly chosen options are NZ Post, and Pack & Send.

ship with NZ Post
NZ Post have a size limit on packages, but their prices can be reasonable.  They also have a website where you can calculate how much it might cost to ship your package:

Pack and Send provide convenient solutions for shipping artwork in New Zealand or around the worldPack & Send can ship items you have packed, or you can simply give them the item and they will package it securely.   The Nelson branch of this company is operated by Bill and Jo Lawrence.  They are located at the 'town end' of Vanguard Street, which is within walking distance of the city centre.  Bill and Jo have given us exceptionally good service.  Click here to see their website:

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